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Lumira Candles

Lumira Candles

Lumira’s signature Destination Collection features elegant ebony glass vessels filled with pure all-natural soy wax and delicately infused with fragrance oils composed with a renowned perfumer in Sydney, Australia. The collection forges a covetable range of ten distinctive scents that pay homage to the spirit of exploration. Each destination scent also comes in a miniature travel tin.

Collezione Bianca, Lumira’s premium limited edition collection of three fragrances, has been carefully created with the purpose that each individual fragrance can be burnt at a specific time of the day; daylight, midday and nightfall. The Paradisium Collection presents a light, sophisticated fragrance for man or woman, evocative of a verdant Mediterranean Nirvana.

Lumira candles are undeniably luxurious, defined not only by the quality of their ingredients, the meticulous attention to detail applied in production but, most importantly, the ambiance they create when lit.

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