This inspiration is very special so it’s taken me a while to create, as it really does reflect what dog&boy is all about – the simple beauty of everyday.


When the concept of dog&boy began to take on form, my son Nicky was 6 years old at the time. This particular day, we were on one of our many walks to the park one afternoon, and I was telling him what I was doing. He was pretty excited about the name of the business, knowing that he and his furry buddy were, in essence, the namesakes.


Then we started talking about designs for the scarves. Like any 6-year-old, Nicky’s imagination was wild with ideas and suggestions – robots, mazes, pirates, stars, spaceships – whatever idea popped into his head at that moment. He was then quiet for a moment and said, “You know Mummy, imagination comes from the heart.”.


And that’s what I do, create from the heart. Enjoy. X


~ luxurious cotton silk blend (70% / 30%)

~ oversized – 200cm x 130cm (approximately)

wear us brochure for inspirational ideas

~ gift-boxed

Imagination | Designer Scarf | Limited Edition | dog&boy