Close your eyes for a moment, and imagine a glorious day. It’s bright, sunny, not a cloud in the sky, and there is a silken warmth in the sunshine pouring over you. The breeze is gentle, just enough to rustle the leaves on the trees. You can smell the sweetness of jasmine and magnolia in the air.


As you walk with your love, there is suddenly a gust of wind; it picks up the leaves and starts to blow. You look up at the sky and it is now magnificent mottled canvas of cloud and sky in various colours from pink and orange, to more ominous colours of blue, navy and grey of an incoming storm.


Brolly is about the rain. The sound, the smell, I love it. Be it a big thunderous tropical storm, or the pitter-patter of gentle spring rain, there is something soothing, cleansing and even melodic. It soothes, it cleanses, it brings new life. Don’t just walk in the rain, dance in it. X


~ luxurious cotton silk blend (70% / 30%)

~ oversized – 200cm x 130cm (approximately)

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~ gift-boxed

Brolly | Designer Scarf | Limited Edition | dog&boy